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      Renting And Hiring

    1. Once you have taken a house on rent on a monthly basis and took possession of it, you will have to pay the rent on the expiry of the month. This is irrespective of whether you lived in it or whether it remained empty. In both cases it is wajib on you to pay the rent.
    2. A tailor sewed a garment for you, a dyer dyed it for you or the washerman washed it for you. After carrying out this work, he brought it to you. He has the right of refusing to hand over the garment to you until you pay him for the job that he has carried out. It is not permissible for you to take it forcefully without having paid him.

      If you asked a labourer to carry a sack of grain for you, he cannot hold back this grain until you pay him for his effort. This is because by his bringing the grain for you, no changes took place in the grain. As opposed to the above-mentioned examples wherein a change took place in the fabric or garment.
    3. A person made a condition that you alone should sew this garment, you alone should dye it or you alone should wash it. In such a case it is not permissible to give it to anyone else to do any of the above tasks. But if he did not make this condition, the work could be given to anyone else.