What is Tasawwuf?

Tasawwuf is the method of purifying heart. The evil present in Nafs not only endanger faith and deeds (actions) but some times even the life is culminated ,and one does not feel satisfied leading to restlessness, depression and others dangerous states of mind. Every person encounters this whether he/she educated or illiterate, and belongs to urban or rural area. It is just like in case of a disease. As every body needs treatment if he is physically ill , similarly one needs treatment if he/she is spiritually ill. The only difference is that with physical diseases ,the life may in trouble and in pain or at the most one's life may finish but spiritual disease pains both soul and body, leading to loss in both the lives. Hence ,every one should the basics of such a treatment that he should able to protect his/herself from spiritual evils and get spiritual health.

Many books have been written in this field which is commonly known as Tasawwuf ,but like requirement of new medical books because of new circumstances in spite of presence of many old medical books, we need new books written on Tasawwuf accordingly . That's why this book is here.

It is just a try to present useful information about this field in an easily comprehendible way for a person who has read very little about it so that the reader can understand advanced books in this field.

The procedure of question /answers has been adopted as it helps introduce new concepts to the reader easily . After that the summery of aspects of Tasawwuf is presented . Its need was felt for a long time ,but because of some reasons due attention could not be paid to it .This led to situation that Wicked people took the opportunity to fill the gap and wrote such books which could poison the mind of simple people to such an extent that they felt the sweetness of the books written by our insisters bitter. This is just like in snake biting the person feels the sweet things bitter. Have we had converge our attention towards this otherwise we would be nourishing the agents of our enemies in our laps.

The author intends with the consultation of our elders to suggest such a syllabus of Tasawwuf which could provide all the basic but useful information required by a salik( aperson interested in his spiritual purification).Although I know my weakness but when ALLAH TAALA decides about something then it is not difficult for Him. Our task is to prevent ourselves before Allah for any thing good,If He accepts us for that He will use it for that. May Allah grants us Hidayat and makes us means of Hidayat. All the muslims in general and Ahl-e-Qaloob especially are requested to pray for this that ALLAH TAALA helps us specificially for this job.