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If you have a rectification link with the Faqeer (author) then write clearly on a plain paper the following information and pass it on to the Faqeer.

Your name, father's name, Address, Academic qualifications, Hobbies, your daily routine, pattern of life, If you have gained Zikr earlier from somebody then that Zikr and the name and introduction of the person who gave this Zikr to you.

These information would be useful in gaining you advice/or suggesting something for you.The person with Islaahi link should follow these four Golden rules.

It is requested to the outsiders that they should make an appointment on telephone before arrival and should also make an arrangement for boarding and lodging (food and stay) before coming so that the routine of the Faqeer is not disturbed which is very dangerous to the Salikin in spiritual field/ in Tasawwuf.

The time for phone call is from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm PST (except Friday), and this time has been allocated for this purpose.

May God bless all the Ummat-Muslima and forgive us (Aamin).


Mamoolat (Prescribed Routine) Reporting

Those who have rectification link with Hazrat Shah Sahib are requested that they should download the form below, and fill in their report of daily mamoolat (prescribed routine), and send it monthly to him, in any methods given above.

Download the form in any format. For online filling, download the MS Excel file (.xls) and for printing, download the PDF file.

Download PDF Download XLS


Directions to Khanqah Imdadia

Khanqah Current Building

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