Introduction to Spiritual Chain of Tasawuf

Silsila (Spiritual chain) of Tasawwuf

There are four main Spiritual chains of spiritual companionship and all these Spiritual chains have a same objective of attainment. But every Spiritual chain has its own procedures and principles for example in chistia Silsila more emphasis is given on suppression of evil and than thereafter elevation to sublime, where as in Nuqshbundiya Silsila evils are suppressed through elevation of good qualities . Over powering the ridiculous in Qadriya and Suharwardiya orders have there respective principles. As it is necessary for one should have this belief that his Sheikh is the most beneficial person for him at the same time, it is also important for one not to crictize any rest of the Mashyaikh. Likewise, if Allah Subhana wattalah has granted an affiliation with any of chain to someone, one should by attaining virtues of that chain of Tasawwuff and should avoid degrading other Mashaikh and Salasil.

Names of Mashaikh of Silsila (Spiritual chain)

The chief founder of the Chistia order is Hadhratt Khuwaja Mueen-ud-deen Chisti RA branching out in tow sub orders namely Chistia Sabirya headed by Hadhratt Alla-ud-din Sbir Kaleeri RA and Chista Nizamiya initiated by Khuwaja Nizam-ud-Auliya RA. The Qadriya order has been founded by Shiekh Abudul Qadir Jilani RA and Soharwardiya order by Hadhratt Shahab-ud-din Soharwardi RA and Nuqshbundiya by Hadhrat Sheik Bahawud-din Nuqshbundi RA.

The Importance of Ascendent Tree (Shajarah) of Spiritual Chain

Duties of the Prophet Mohammad Salullaho Alayhi Wassalam described in Quraan are four:

The responsibility of the first duty goes to Qurra (Reciters), second duty to Sufya, third duty to Hukuma and of 4th duty to Uluma. Muhaddisin took the responsibility of conveying Ahadith to Ummah in safest way. For this purpose they protect their authentative relationships with their ancestors and they quote their this relation in the order they have received . In the same way Suphya describe their Nisbat( Spiriual identification) as they get from their ancestors. The description of chain of getting Nisbat in this way is called Shajarah. Some people print it in poetic way and recite it to get Barakah. It may be in praying form which the murideen recite to ask help from Allah through their Mashaikh.

My Nisbat (Spiritual Identification)