Holy Shajrah - Ascendent Tree of Spiritual Chain of Tasawuf

The Importance of Ascendent Tree (Shajarah) of Spiritual Chain

Duties of the Prophet Mohammad Salullaho Alayhi Wassalam described in Quraan are four:

The responsibility of the first duty goes to Qurra (Reciters), second duty to Sufya, third duty to Hukuma and of 4th duty to Uluma. Muhaddisin took the responsibility of conveying Ahadith to Ummah in safest way. For this purpose they protect their authentative relationships with their ancestors and they quote their this relation in the order they have received . In the same way Suphya describe their Nisbat( Spiriual identification) as they get from their ancestors. The description of chain of getting Nisbat in this way is called Shajarah. Some people print it in poetic way and recite it to get Barakah. It may be in praying form which the murideen recite to ask help from Allah through their Mashaikh.

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