Beliefs Connected to Nabihood

Aqeeda # 1

The Nabis (alaihimus salaatu was salaam) are the pure and chaste servants of Allaah Ta`ala, that were sent for the guidance of the creation, so that they (creation) may be brought closer to Allaah Ta`ala and that they be saved from deviation and brought onto the Straight Path.

They also invited the creation towards Islaam, wherein lies the Pleasure of Allaah Ta`ala. The Nabis (alaihimus salaam) also gave the glad tidings of Jannat to those who accepted their Message and warned of the impending punishment of Jahannum for those who refused to accept and turned away from the Truth. Indeed a very evil and unfortunate person is he who does not accept the invitation of Rabb-e-Kareem and refuses to sit at the distarghaan (tablecloth) of Allaah Rabbul Izzat. Whatever these Pious Servants of Allaah Ta`ala (Nabis) had invited towards and warned against is all true and Haqq. It is Fardh to bring Imaan on all of it. Allaah Ta`ala=s sending of the Nabis is indeed a great blessing and mercy from Him. If it were not for these great luminaries, then who would have directed us towards the recognition of our Great Allaah Rabbul Izzat? Who would have told us regarding how to attain our Great Rabb=s Pleasure and warned us against attaining His displeasure?

Our imperfect and sick minds and intellect would surely have been useless and wasted had it not been for the guidance and light of the Nabis (alaihimus salaam). We are not able to (on our own) recognise the Pleasure and displeasure of Allaah Ta`ala. Our intellect and understanding would have been useless and ineffective without the Nabis= (alaihimus salaam) guidance. Just like how the eye would be ineffective without the sun=s rays, which throws light on everything, thereby allowing the eye to see, so too would be our intellect and understanding had it not been for the light of Nubuwwat.

Intellect (provided it is intact and healthy and not sick, and that it has vision and not blind, and that it is fit and healthy and not lame and disabled) is a proof. But it is imperfect and incomplete in this proof and does not reach the stage of maturity. Mature and ceratin proof is (in) the guidance of the Nabis (alaihimus salaam). The eternal punishment and rewards of the Hereafter are based on this. The evidence for the servants is complete and there is no room for excuse. Also, the intellects of people are all different in their understanding, where the understanding of one is not the same as the other. Great, great minds differ on ceratin points. It is for this reason that Allaah Ta`ala sent the Nabis (alaihimus salaam), so that everyone be united in one direction. Had it not been for the Nabis (alaihimus salaam), then the differences in opinion (as far as worship) would have reached such proportions that each person would be worshipping in his/her own way and direction. Each one would have thought his/her way is the best and most preferred. There would be no differentiation between good and evil. Every kaafir would deem his kufr to be Imaan and every oppressor and tyrant would deem his oppression and tyranny to be justice and peace. Just like how today the slaves of naffs deem their actions as being natural and the devourers of bribery regard bribery as their rights for rendering a service.

It is for this reason that Allaah Ta`ala sent the Nabis (alaihimus salaam), so that they guide and direct the worldly and Deeni efforts of man towards Allaah Ta`ala=s Commandments and Guidance. Since Allaah Ta`ala is the Benefactor and Giver of Blessings to man, then it follows that they make His Shukr and give rightful thanks unto Him Only. But since man was unaware of how to show this appreciation and give proper thanks, Allaah Ta`ala sent the Nabis (alaihimus salaam) to show them. May millions and billions mercies and blessings be showered upon the chosen servants of Allaah Ta`ala (alaihimus salaam) through whom we are able to distinguish between Haqq and baatil, good and evil.

The invitation of the Nabis (alaihimus salaam) of man towards Allaah Ta`ala was a continuous process. They continuously explained regarding the existence and Qualities of Allaah Ta`ala through signs and proofs. The creation found the treasure of the recognition of Allaah Ta`ala at the dastarghaan of the Nabis (alaihimus salaam). There they found the understanding of the resurrection, Jannat and Jahannum, which their deficient understandings would not have otherwise achieved. The normal mind would never understand what the Nabis (alaihimus salaam) showed, except through them. The understanding of the Nabis (alaihimus salaam) was far superior than the normal person. They were blessed with Wahi (Divine Revelation). The Ilhaam (Divine Inspiration)of the Auliyaa is a fraction of Nubuwwat and it is the fruit and effects of the blessings of the Nabis (alaihimus salaam). If the mind and intellect were sufficient for the recognition of Allaah Ta`ala, then the philosophers, who have become slaves of their intellect, would have been the most advanced in recognising Allaah Ta`ala, whereas in reality, these philosophers are the most ignorant when it comes to recognising the Being and Qualities of Allaah Ta`ala.

Imaam Ghazaali (rahmatullahi alaih) writes in his Kitaab AAlmunkaz Minad Dhalaal@, that the philosophers have stolen the knowledge of medicine and astronomy/astrology from the previous Kitaabs and Scriptures of the Nabis (alaihimus salaam). The human mind (by itself) is deficient when it comes to understanding the science of medicine. The knowledge of morals and character taught by the Nabis (alaihimus salaam), which remained through the ages in the writings of the Sufia-e-Kiraam was pilfered by the philosophers. Ilm-e-Mantiq (logic), by which wrong can be distinguished from the right was also stolen by these people and claimed to be from their own researches. The same also applies to mapping and plotting paths and direction.

The philosophers of old, who prided themselves as being the most intelligent, were mostly rejecters of the existence of Allaah Ta`ala. They attributed the existence of this universe to some time and occurrence. The antics of Namrood, who ruled over the world, are also famous. He also rejected the existence of Allaah Ta`ala. His arguments with Hadhrat Ebrahim (alaihi salaam) are well known. Similarly Fir`own, the ruler of Egypt. This miscreant said: AI do not know for you any deity, besides myself.@

When Hadhrat Moosa (alaihi salaam) invited him towards Allaah Ta`ala and showed him signs and proofs of the existence of Allaah Ta`ala, he retorted by saying: A(O Moosa) If you take anyone else besides me as a deity, then I will make you amongst the imprisoned.@

It was this same scoundrel, Fir`own, who said to his minister, Hamaan AO Hamaan! Build for me a tower so that I may reach the sky and witness (see) this deity of Moosa. Indeed I think that he is a liar.@

Today, look at the Americans and British, whose effects (glitter and glamour) have reached the world. Just look at a specimen of their intellect! They claim one to be three and three to be one. Notwithstanding the human traits of Hadhrat Isa (alaihi salaam), they believe him to be a deity. After believing in him to be a deity, they still believe that he was killed and crucified. Nauthubillah! Can a deity be forced on a cross. It is for this reason that Hadhrat Moulana Qasim Nanotwi (rahmatullahi alaihi) used to say that the English are not intelligent, they are merely skilled plotters. To be intelligent is one thing and to be an artisan is another. If the Muslims were not preoccupied in their laziness and relaxations, and they focussed their attention to skill and labour, they would have been also as skilled, if not better. Just as a doctor treats a sick body, so too were the Nabis (alaihimus salaam) doctors to the sick souls. They used to prescribe treatment to the illnesses of the naffs.

When a doctor prescribes a good medicine for a ceratin illness, and the patient shirks in taking the prescribed treatment, and when the doctor advises on the benefits of the medicine and he also assigns a certain diet to the patient and extols the merits thereof, but the lazy and un- cooperating patient offers a dozen excuses for not being able to follow the diet or take the medicine, then at times the doctor has to force the patient to take this medicine, for his (patient=s) own good.

In a similar way, the Nabis treat the spiritual illnesses of people. They diagnose the spiritual illnesses and prescribe appropriate treatment for the cure thereof. But, the masses offer strange and ludicrous excuses so that they may continue following their own whims and desires. They even have the audacity to question the veracity and benefit of the advices of the Nabis. They deem the observance of Divine Commandments too cumbersome and tedious, and opt for the life of animals, where they can do as they please, eat what they wish and live according to their own rules. In this way, they become no better, in fact worse than, animals. By obeying the Nabis, a human will truly become a human. In reality, it is not possible for any human not to be following some sort of rules and regulations. life is full of them in some way or the other. But alas! Man would prefer to follow and adhere to his own concocted set of rules and governmental rules, and then turn a blind eye, or rather, even snub, the Divine Rules and Commandments. AO Allaah! Guide my nation, because indeed they do not know.@

Explanation of the Words Risaalat and Nubuwwat and the Difference between a Rasul and a Nabi

The word >Nubuwwat= is derived from the word >Nab`a=, which means >a great and important message=. In this case it means that important Message from Allaah Ta`ala, which He intends for His servants and He conveys it via His chosen Messengers (alaihimus salaam). Therefore, Nubuwwat refers to the conveyance of that important message or information, which comes from Allaah Ta`ala to His chosen Messengers, and these chosen Messengers who are assigned with the task of passing this message and information onto the servants of Allaah Ta`ala, are called >Nabis=.

Some Ulama are of the opinion that the word >Nubuwwat= means >to raise= or >high=. Because the Nabis (alaihimus salaam) have to convey such a lofty knowledge from Allaah Ta`ala, which even the greatest intellectuals and brains are incapable of understanding. Also, they are granted such great status and ranks, that others are not, hence they are called >Nabis=.

The word >Rasul= is derived from the word >Risaalat=. >Risaalat= refers to a representation between Allaah Ta`ala and His intelligent creation. The ambassador who comes between the Creator and His creation is called a >Rasul=.

As for the difference between a >Nabi= and a >Rasul=, some Ulama opine that they are one and the same, but the correct version is that a Rasul is higher in status than a Nabi. It is mentioned in the Ahaadith that the total number of Ambiyaa exceeds 100 000, whereas the number of Rasuls are mentioned to be 313. From this we gauge that a Rasul is a specific and special Messenger, whereas a Nabi is a general Messenger. Every Rasul is a Nabi, but not necessarily that every Nabi a Rasul.

The Muhaqqiqeen have differentiated a Rasul and Nabi in this way that a Nabi is that special servant of Allaah Ta`ala upon whom Wahi was revealed and he engaged in guiding and inviting the creation towards Allaah Ta`ala, regardless of whether he was bestowed with a Divine Kitaab or Scripture or not. From amongst the Ambiyaa, those who were blessed with any speciality or distinguishing factor, for example, he was bestowed with a new Kitaab or Shariah, or he was ordered to combat the rejecters or deniers, or he was sent to a new nation, then such a Nabi is called a Rasul.

Hence, a necessary factor for a Rasul is that he enjoys some speciality from amongst the Ambiyaa (alaihimus salaam). It is not necessary that a Rasul has a new Kitaab or Shariah, because there is a consensus that Hadhrat Ismaeel (alaihi salaam) was a Rasul, but he did not come with a new Kitaab or Shariah. Also, it is reported in a Hadith that the total number of Rasuls were 313, but only 104 Kitaabs (including Scriptures) were revealed. From this we gather that it is not necessary for every Rasul to have had a new Shariah.

The crux of the differentiation made between a Nabi and a Rasul by Haafiz Ibn Taymia is that a Nabi is that person who speaks about the unseen things from Allaah Ta`ala and Wahi is revealed upon him. And the person who has these qualities and he is also deputed to propagate to a disobedient and nefarious nation, then he is called a Rasul.

Aqeeda # 2

Nubuwwat and Risaalat is a special gift and benefaction from Allaah Ta`ala. Whoever He desires, He bestows with this gift. AAnd Allaah chooses, with His Mercy, whoever He wishes@, AAllaah chooses Rasuls from His angels and (from the) people.@

Nubuwwat is not a thing that can be earned or acquired through any special striving or effort. Nubuwwat is to be a deputy and representative of Allaah Ta`ala. It is to be an ambassador between Allaah Ta`ala and His creation. Until a king does not choose and appoint his deputy, no one dare take on this task on his own strength.

The philosophers, in the first place do not accede to the concept of Nubuwwat, and even if there are any that accept it, they believe it to a thing that can be attained and earned. They believe that a person can become a Nabi by excessive striving and exercises. In this way, they aver that, one can attain all the secrets and unseen things, and this person is able to achieve great heights. According to the Shariah, this belief and concept of clear kufr and deviation.

Aqeeda # 3

It is necessary to bring Imaan in ALL the Nabis (alaihimus salaam). Not to accept even one Nabi is tantamount to rejecting all the Nabis (alaihimus salaam)

because the Kalima of all the Nabis was one and the same and the basis of their propagation was one. AThe nation of Nooh belied the Nabis@, AThe (nation of) Aad belied the Nabis@, AThe Thamud belied the Nabis@.

The nations of Nooh (alaihi salaam) and Aad and Thamud belied the Nabis of their respective eras, but in these Aayaat, Allaah Ta`ala has mentioned this refutation of theirs as being a refutation of all the Nabis.

Aqeeda # 4

All the Nabis (alaihimus salaam) are pure and chaste servants of Allaah Ta`ala. They are free from minor and major sins.

The belief of the chastity of the Nabis (alaihimus salaam) is a part of Imaan. If the Nabis (alaihimus salaam) were not pure and chaste, then Allaah Ta`ala would never have ordered their implicit and absolute obedience. He wold not have levelled obedience to them as obedience to Him. He would not have said that to take bai`t (allegiance) upon their hands is like taking bai`t (allegiance) upon Hin Hands.

AAnd he who obeys the Nabi has indeed obeyed Allaah@,

AIndeed those who had taken bai`t (allegiance) with you, indeed they have taken bai`t (allegiance) with Allaah, the hand of Allaah is above their hands.@

Ma`soom (sinless) is he who is the chosen and preferred servant of Allaah. His habits, traits and actions are all chosen by Allaah Ta`ala. Their hearts are completely free and pure from evil and satanic effects. Since Allaah Ta`ala has mentioned in the Qur`aan-e-Kareem that the Nabis are His chosen and special servants, it implies that they are so in every aspect of their lives. They are cleansed from internal as well as external faults and evils.

If any slip-up occurs in a Nabi, due to forgetfulness or mistake, then we attribute it to an outside factor and not an inherent fault. For example, the heat in boiling water is due to some outside factor (stove, etc) and this heat is not an inherent or natural quality of water. The natural quality of water is coolness and not heat. If water is placed in a fire then it will extinguish it. In a similar way, the natural disposition of the Ambiyaa is purity and homogeneity. Hence a slip-up by a Nabi can never be counted as a sin, since they are not naturally disposed to evil. The mistake of Hadhrat Aadam (alaihi salaam) was due to forgetfulness.

Aqeeda # 5

Allaah Ta`ala has blessed the Nabis with miracles and clear signs, so that these miracles and out of the ordinary acts become a proof of their Nabihood.

They also served as a strengthener to the Imaan of the people. From time to time, they received some aid from the unseen, wherein there was no input on their part and this served as an eyeopener for the people who were convinced that this person (Nabi) is sent by Allaah Ta`ala and that the assistance of Allaah Ta`ala is there to support them. For example, when the fire was made cool for Hadhrat Ebrahim (alaihi salaam), and when the staff of Hadhrat Moosa (alaihi salaam) was turned into a snake, and when the dead were given life with the du`aa of Hadhrat Isaa (alaihi salaam), and when water gushed forth from the blessed fingers of Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu alaihi wasallam) and the entire army=s thirst was satiated. These were such acts that were beyond the power and ability of man. Even the greatest magician or illusionist could not produce such acts. It is clear that they were acts produced at the hands of the Nabis (alaihimus salaam) by Allaah Ta`ala. The understanding and wisdom of the Nabis (alaihimus salaam) were also higher than normal man. Their memory was also better. Their eloquence and articulations were also better than anyone of their time. Their internal and external powers were also of the highest standards. Their character was most outstanding and their facial features were the best and most luminous. In short, the Nabis (alaihimus salaam) excelled the normal human in every aspect of life and form, externally and internally.

Aqeeda # 6

The Nabis (alaihimus salaam) were the trustworthy servants of Allaah Ta`ala. They would not decrease the Message of Allaah Ta`ala to the slightest degree. They would not conceal any part of the truth out of fear for the kuffaar.

AThose who convey the Message of Allaah, they fear Him, and they do not fear any besides Him.@

AO Nabi! Convey what has been revealed unto you from your Rabb and if you do not do so, then you have not conveyed His Message. And Allaah will protect you from the people. Indeed Allaah does not guide the Kaafir nation.@

Aqeeda # 7

The Ambiyaa-e-Kiraam (alaihimus salaam) are never removed from their posts, because the Knowledge of Allaah Ta`ala is complete and All-Encompassing.

He will never chose a person who will turn out to be unworthy of the post. The kings of the world are at times misled and deceived by the outer appearance of people and they at times appoint a person to a post and he later turns out to be unfit for the job and has to be removed. It is impossible for there to be any mistake in the Knowledge of Allaah Ta`ala. Whoever, in the Sight of Allaah Ta`ala is a favourite, will always remain a favourite. A Nabi is never removed from his post, however, it is possible that a Nabi remains a Nabi but he is not used as such, rather his services are used for some other purpose. Like Hadhrat Isaa (alaihi salaam), who after his descension from the heavens, will still be a Nabi but his duties will not be that of a Nabi, rather, he will be sent to destroy dajjaal and to assist the Ummat of Hadhrat Muhammad (sallAllaahu alaihi wasallam). Although Hadhrat Isaa (alaihi salaam) will still be a Nabi, but he will follow the Shariah of Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu alaihi wasallam), and he will follow the Qur`aan Shareef and the Sunnat. He will not follow the Injeel, because the Injeel has been abrogated.

Aqeeda # 8

To bring Imaan only in Allaah Ta`ala and not to accept the Nabis (alaihimus salaam) is not acceptable and of any consequence.

Allaah Ta`ala states clearly in the Qur`aan Majeed, that the person who accepts the Oneness of Allaah and he does not accept the Nabis, is a perfect Kaafir.

AIndeed those who disbelieve in Allaah and His Nabis and they intend to separate between Allaah and His Nabis, and they say >We believe in some and we disbelieve in some=. And they intend to make a path between this. These are the true Kaafirs. And We have prepared for the Kuffaar a severe punishment. And those who believe in Allaah and His Nabis and they do not separate between any of them, they are the ones to whom soon We will give their recompense. Indeed Allaah is Oft-Forgiving, Most-Merciful.@

Belying the Nabis (alaihimus salaam) is tantamount to belying Allaah Ta`ala. Since Allaah Ta`ala had given the Order to follow the Nabis, and this wretched miscreant decides not to believe in them and not to follow them, he is in fact turning away from the Order of Allaah Ta`ala, and disobeying Him.

Aqeeda # 9

The first Nabi was Hadhrat Aadam (alaihi salaam) and the last was our Nabi Muhammad (sallAllaahu alaihi wasallam). AAnd Rasulullaah is the Seal of the Nabis@.

Allaah Ta`ala had completed and perfected His Deen through Nabi (sallAllaahu alaihi wasallam). Now, after him there is no need for another Nabi. The Ulama will now propagate and spread this very Deen. Nubuwwat is complete and the Deen has reached its pinnacle. Now only remains the propagation thereof, and the Ulama are sufficient for the job.

NOTE: It is better that we do not specify a number for the Ambiyaa. It is reported in a Hadith that the total number of Ambiyaa was 124 000 and Rasuls were 313.

It is an established fact from the Qur`aan Kareem and the authentic Ahaadith that Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu alaihi wasallam) is the Seal of all the Nabis. There will be no Nabi after him and every Nabi before him gave the glad tidings of his coming and announced the same. It is reported in the Tawraat, Injeel and all the previous Scriptures that Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu alaihi wasallam) is the Seal of the Nabis. The jews and Christians have concealed this information that appears in their Kitaabs due to jealousy. Nevertheless, those who embraced Islaam, acknowledge this fact that appears in their Kitaabs. They agree that they have found Rasulullaah=s (sallAllaahu alaihi wasallam) features to conform exactly to what he is described to be in the Tawraat and Injeel. The physical Seal (mark on the back of Rasulullaah - sallAllaahu alaihi wasallam) is testimony to this fact that he is Khaatamun Nabiyyeen. Whoever saw it from amongst the Jewish and Christian Ulama bore testimony to the fact of Khatam-e-Nubuwwat.

Aqeeda # 10

The leader and best of all the Nabis is our Nabi Hadhrat Muhammad (salAllaahu alaihi wasallam).

It is reported in the Qur`aan Shareef that Allaah Ta`ala had made a covenant with all the Nabis that if any of them find the era of Muhammad (sallAllaahu alaihi wasallam), then they must follow him and assist him.

It is reported in a Hadith: AI am the best of the children of Aadam@. It is reported in another Hadith: A(On the Day of Qiyaamah) Adam and everyone beside him will be under my flag@. It is reported in a Hadith that Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu alaihi wasallam) said that Allaah Ta`ala had favoured him with six things over all the other Nabis; firstly, He has made him >Jawaami`ul Kalim= (one whose speech is concise yet deep in meaning and import, for example the Hadith AEvery action is based upon the intention@, whereupon the Ulama have written many kitaabs on just this one statement); secondly, that the kuffaar have fear instilled in their hearts for Nabi (sallAllaahu alaihi wasallam) when he is more than a month=s journey away from them; thirdly, the booty of war was made halaal (permissible) for this Ummat and not for the previous Ummats; fourthly, that he was given the honour of >Muqaam-e-Mahmood=, wherefrom on the Day of Qiyaamah he will intercede on behalf of the entire mankind, including the Nabis; fifthly, that all other Nabis were sent only to their specific nations and tribes and he was sent to all mankind until the Day of Qiyaamah; sixthly, that the Nabihood was terminated with him. There is a Hadith in Tirmidhi Shareef: AOn the Day of Qiyaamah, I will be the leader of all the Nabis.@

It is reported in other Ahaadith that Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu alaihi wasallam) will be the spokesman for the other Nabis, and also that he will be the first to be resurrected on the Day of Qiyaamah and that he will be the first to enter Jannat

Logical Proof

The logical and rational proof of our Nabi (sallAllaahu alaihi wasallam) being the best of all the Nabis is; (1). His Shariah and Kitaab (Qur`aan Majeed) is the best and most esteemed over all previous kitaabs and Shariahs, (2). The proofs of his Nabihood, miracles and signs, that have reached us by virtue of an unbroken line of narrators, supercedes the signs and miracles of all the previous Nabis, (3). The miracles of every Nabi was specific to one or the other category (of creation), whereas the miracles of Nabi (sallAllaahu alaihi wasallam) were not constrained to any particular category, rather they encompassed the entire spectrum of creation, mankind, jinns, animals, plants, earth, sky, etc., (4). Whatever perfections and specialities were found in all the previous Nabis, all these were found in the one being of Nabi (sallAllaahu alaihi wasallam), (5). The miracles of all the previous Nabis are history, but the one greatest miracle of Nabi (sallAllaahu alaihi wasallam), i.e. the Qur`aan Majeed, is still existent and will be until the last days. A wonderful thing about the Qur`aan Majeed is that it was an invitation to his Nabihood and it was a proof of his Nabihood and it is the spring and fountainhead of Nabi=s (sallAllaahu alaihi wasallam) Shariah and guidance. It is the very same Qur`aan Majeed (that we have today) that was brought by Jibraeel Ameen (alaihi salaam) from Allaah Rabbul Izzat to the Seal of Nabis (sallAllaahu alaihi wasallam). There is neither a single word nor letter that has been altered or even tampered with.

Aqeeda # 11

The Message and Nabihood of our Nabi (sallAllaahu alaihi wasallam) is general and for the entire universe.

The message of Nabi (sallAllaahu alaihi wasallam) is not restricted to any group or tribe like that of the previous Nabis, but it is for all mankind and jinn. This is proven without any doubt from the Qur`aan Majeed and the authentic Ahaadith. It is stated in the Qur`aan:

AAnd We have not sent you except to all of mankind.@

ASay (to the people)! O people! Indeed I am a Nabi (sent) to all of you.@

AMost Blessed is that Being Who has revealed the Qur`aan upon His servant, so that it may be a warning to the entire universe.@

Hence, Nabi (sallAllaahu alaihi wasallam) is a Nabi sent to all the universe. His Nabihood will remain for all to follow until Qiyaamah. No other religion besides Islaam will be acceptable to Allaah Ta`ala. AIndeed THE Deen in the Sight of Allaah is Islaam@, AI am pleased with Islaam as your Deen, and whoever follows besides Islaam any other religion, it will never be accepted from him and he will be amongst the losers on the Day of Qiyaamah.@

It is reported in a Hadith that to whichever Jew or Christian the news of my Nabihood reaches, and he does not accept it and dies in this state, then he will be amongst the inmate of Jahannum. [Muslim]

Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu alaihi wasallam) is known as >Rasuluth Thakalain= because he is the Nabi of both mankind and jinn. The proof of Rasulullaah=s (sallAllaahu alaihi wasallam) meeting with and giving Da`wat to the jinnaats and they in turn returning to their nation and conveying this message is proven from the Qur`aan in detail in Surah Jinn (29th Para).

The fact that Rasulullaah=s (sallAllaahu alaihi wasallam) Nabuwwat and message was for both, mankind and jinn, is borne out from the Qur`aan, Ahaadith and the Ijma (consensus) of the Ummah. With regard to the angels, that is whether Nabi=s (sallAllaahu alaihi wasallam) Nabihood extended to them, there is a difference of opinion. The Qur`aan and Ahaadith teach us that the angels are sinless and immaculate and they are not bound to external Shariah. Nevertheless, Nabi=s (sallalahu alaihi wasallam) being superior to the angels is manifested in the incident of Mi`raaj when Hadhrat Jibraeel and Mikaeel (alaihimus salaam) held and guided the Buraaq (winged horse) for Nabi (sallAllaahu alaihi wasallam). It is the firm belief (Aqeedah) of the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaat that all the Nabis are more superior than the angels. If Aadam (alaihi salaam) was not superior to the angels then they would not have been given the order to prostrate to him. Shaitaan is the one who refuted the superiority of Hadhrat Aadam (alaihi salaam). He was expelled from the Court of Allaah Ta`ala because of his proud contention that AI am better than him, You have created me from fire and him from clay.@ It is clear the Nabis are better and superior than the angels.

The Very First Act of Kufr in the World

The very first act of kufr to be perpetrated was the refusal of shaitaan to bow his head to Hadhrat Aadam (alaihi salaam). Shaitaan did not deny the Oneness and Greatness of Allaah Ta`ala, but he was not prepared to bow his head. It is for this reason that he was expelled, became accursed and rejected. From this we deduce that the person who denies the existence and proofs of a Nabi and does not regard him as being worthy of following, is the brother of shaitaan.

Beliefs Related to Nabihood(from behishti zaiwar By Maulana Asharaf Ali Thanvi ra)

Aqeeda # 1

Allâh Ta'âla has sent down many prophets to guide mankind onto the right path. They are all free from sins. Their actual number is known to Allâh alone. In order to establish their truthfulness, Allâh caused new and difficult acts to happen through them which others cannot do. Such acts are called miracles (mu'jizât). The first prophet is âdam alayhis salâm and the last is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. All the others came in between these two. Some of them are famous, such as: Nuh alayhis salâm, Ibrahim alayhis salâm, Is'hâq alayhis salâm, Ismail alayhis salâm, Yaqub alayhis salâm, Yusuf alayhis salâm, Daud alayhis salâm, Sulayman alayhis salâm, Ayyub alayhis salâm, Musa alayhis salâm, Harun alayhis salâm, Zakariyyah alayhis salâm, Yahya alayhis salâm, Isa alayhis salâm, Ilyas alayhis salâm, al-Yasa' alayhis salâm, Yunus alayhis salâm, Lut alayhis salâm, Idris alayhis salâm, Zul Kifl alayhis salâm, Salih alayhis salâm, Hud alayhis salâm, and Shuayb alayhis salâm.

Aqeeda # 2

Allâh Ta'âla did not show the exact number of prophets to anyone. We should therefore have this belief that we have faith in all the prophets that Allâh sent down; those that we know of and those that we do not know of as well.

Aqeeda # 3

The status of some prophets is higher than that of others. The highest status is that of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. No new prophet can come after him. He is the prophet of all mankind and jinn right until the day of Qiyamat.

Aqeeda # 4

Allâh Ta'âla took our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam physically while he was awake, from Makkah to Baitul Maqdis, and from there to the seven heavens, and from there to wherever Allâh wanted. He then sent him back to Makkah. This journey is known as the Mi'raj