Beliefs With regard to the Angels

30419. Angels are the honoured slaves of Allaah Ta`ala.

30420. They are free from disobeying Allaah Ta`ala. Whatever they are ordered to do they comply.

30421. They are honoured with the duties of conveying Allaah Ta`ala=s Message, propagation and of being His ambassadors.

30422. The Kitaabs and Scriptures of the Nabis was revealed through them.

30423. They convey with extreme carefulness, faithfulness and prudence. They are free from making mistakes and errors. The angels convey exactly as Allaah Ta`ala had instructed them. There can be absolutely no mistake or misunderstanding in their conveying the Message.

30424. They are free from eating, drinking, male and female gender, giving birth and lineage.

30425. They are created from light and can assume any form.

30426. They are too numerous in number. Only Allaah Ta`ala knows their exact quantity.

30427. They are constantly in the Ibaadat of Allaah Ta`ala in different forms and are never weary of Ibaadat.

30428. They are constantly engaged in the duty assigned to them by Allaah Ta`ala.

Types Of Angels

Angels are deputed throughout the length and breadth of the heavens and the earth. They are controlled and supervised by Allaah Ta`ala. Some are deputed with carrying the Arsh (Divine Throne) of Allaah Ta`ala, some are lined along the Arsh, some are making Tawaaf (circumambulating) the Arsh, some are deputed with caring for Jannat and others with Jahannum. Some are angels of mercy and others are of punishment and retribution. Some are in charge with removing the souls and others are deputed with looking after humans. Some are in charge of recording the deeds of humans and others of saving them from shaitaans and other harmful creatures. Some are deputed with asking the questions in the grave. In brief, the angels are deputed with various duties and tasks regarding this world and the Hereafter. The existence of angels is proven in the Qur`aan Shareef and the Ahaadith, in fact it is recorded in all the Kitaabs and Scriptures of the previous Nabis. To accept the existence of angels is a necessity of our Deen and to refute their existence is undoubtedly kufr.

The atheists deny the existence of angels. Their only proof of non-existence of the angles is that they cannot be seen and that their existence has not been established. This claim of theirs is indeed nonsensical and not even worth replying, because the non-visibility of a thing and one not having proof of a thing is certainly no proof for any rational mind that the thing does not exist.

From amongst all the angels there are four that are very close to Allaah Ta`ala and they hold special status. They are:

30337. Jibraeel (alaihi salaam) - He was responsible for bringing the Wahi (Divine Revelation) to the Nabis.

30338. Mikaaeel (alaihi salaam) - He is responsible for the sustenance of the creation.

30339. Israfeel (alaihi salaam) - He is responsible for blowing the Trumpet on the Day of Qiyaamah.

30340. Izraeel (alaihi salaam) - He is responsible for removing the souls.

According to most authorities of Deen, Hadhrat Jibraeel (alaihi salaam) holds the highest rank amongst the angels. This is also borne our from some Ahaadith. Some Ulama say that these four angels are equal in rank.

NOTE: There is a difference of opinion regarding the reality of angels. According to the Ahle-Islaam, angels are created from light (Noor) and they have the ability to carry our actions. They are also able to assume any form or shape. According to the Hukamaa (medical men), angels is the name of jewels that are free from matter.

Beliefs concerning angels and jinn(from behishti zaiwar By Maulana Asharaf Ali Thanvi ra)

Aqeeda # 1

After creating certain creatures from light, Allâh Ta'âla concealed them from our sight. These creatures are called angels. A lot of work has been given to them. They never do anything contrary to the orders of Allâh Ta'âla. They continue doing whatever work they have been assigned to do. Among them, four angels are very famous. They are: Hadrat Jibra'eel alayhis salâm, Hadrat Mika'eel alayhis salâm, Hadrat Israfeel alayhis salâm, and Hadrat Izra'eel alayhis salâm. Allâh Ta'âla created certain creatures from fire. We cannot see them as well. They are called jinn. There are all types of jinn; both good and bad. They also have children. The most famous among them is the accursed Iblis, i.e. Shaytân