Detailed Section - Information about Tasawwuf

Shajra (Spiritual connection tree) and its importance

Allah سبحا ن ؤ تعا لئ has quoted four purposes in Quran of sending the greatest human being Hazrat Muhammad صلئ الله عليه وآ له وسلمon earth. These are; How to properly read Holy Quran, to spiritually purify the sahaba-e-karam, to introduce people with the teachings of Holy Quran, and to teach divine knowledge about islam, also called hikmut. After Hazrat Muhammadصلئ الله عليه وآ له وسلم, the responsibility to teach ummah the ways to truly recite Quran sharif (called tajveed) is taken over by Qari sahibaan, the spiritual purification training is being imparted by Sufis, and to spread shariah knowledge has become the responsibility of religious scholars (ulema sahibaan). Among ulema, Muhadiseen sahibaan have taken over the responsibility to safely deliver ahadith-e-Nabavi صلئ الله عليه وآ له وسلمto the Ummah in a way that not a single word or its grammatical symmetry is altered to a minute level right from the time of Hazrat Muhammad صلئ الله عليه وآ له وسلمand also the muhadiseen give a great importance to the person quoting the hadith and quote it further in the same way that they have been quoted. The art of “surf wa nahu” is developed for this purpose. Likewise, the Sufis safeguard the nisbut of their salasil in the same manner in which they have received it and even quote it in the same order. This quotation of nisbut in order form from top to bottom is called Shajra. Some people get their shajra printed in a particular manner in the form of dua and read it out on and off for the sake of seeking barkat of the whole silsila from Allah سبحا ن ؤ تعا لئ.