Detailed Section - Information about Tasawwuf

Nisbut of the author

The author is authorized by Hazrat Sufi Muhammad Iqbal Madni RAH via Hazrat Sheikh ul Hadith Moulana Zikria RAH in all four silsilas, and also by Hazrat Sufi Sahab via Hazrat Moulana Abul Hassan Nadvi RAH in Qadiria Rashidia and by Sufi sahib RAH via Hazrat Ali ul Murtaza RAH in nukshbundia, by Hazrat Tanzim ul Haq Halimi sahib via Hazrat Moulana Faqir Muhammad sahib RAH in all four silsilas, and also through Hazrat Halimi sahib via Hazrat Saif ur Rehman Gul Badshah RAH (commonly known as Makh bund baba jee) in Qadiria, Nukshbundia, and Mahsumia Mujjadidia, and by Doctor Fida Muhammad sahib via Hazrat Moulana Muhammad Ashraf sahib RAH in all four silsilas. May Allah سبحا ن ؤ تعا لئ grant the fortitude to the author to become the true subject of his creator with the barkat of all these sufia-e-karam. Ameen.