Detailed Section - Information about Tasawwuf

Important Note

  • If there is no shariah hinderance, then communication mode to be adopted with the sheikh is telephone, physical presence and/or letter writing.
  • Always act upon sheikh’s advice even if you do not understand it, if necessary you may re-ask the sheikh about it.
  • Consider your Sheikh as the most useful guide for yourself in the whole world not that one is to consider him the biggest sufi alive on earth because this is only known to Allah سبحا ن ؤ تعا لئ.
  • Only keep in contact with your Sheikh for spiritual training and do not establish any link for this purpose with any one else because it is harmful to have two sheikhs at a time. This is also called Tauheed-e-Mutlabi. According to Khawaja Mujzoob sahib RAH (Khalifa: Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi RAH).

Four rights of a sheikh are worth remembering

Including information, practice, trust, and obedience.