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All Shall be Questioned

اَلْحَمْدُ ِﷲِ رَبِّ الْعٰلَمِیْنِ ۝ اَلصَّلوٰۃُ وَ السَّلاَم ُ عَلیٰ خَاتَمَ النَّبِیینِ ۝ اَمَّا بَعْدُ فَاَعُوذُ بِاﷲِ مِنَ الشَّیْطٰنِ الرَّجِیْمِ ۝ بِسْمِ اﷲِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِیْمِ ۝ فَمَنْ یَّعْمَلْ مِثْقَالَ ذَرَّۃٍ خَیْرًا یَّرَہْ ۝ وَمَنْ یَّعمَلْ مِثْقَالَ ذَرَۃٍ شَرَّا یَّرَہْ ۝

(So, whoever does any good act (even) to the weight of a particle will see it. And whoever does evil (even) to the weight of a particle will see it.) Al Zalzal 7 – 8

My Dear Elders And Friends

This worldly abode of our’s is a place of action (a’mal). All the time, every one of us is busy doing one thing or another. Even in moments of rest and leisure an act is being performed. Silence in itself is an act. This being so, we should always be concerned about wasting time, in order to avoid being harmed and damaged. Ask your selves, are our actions directed to earn and gain for the life hereafter or are they just an effort in futility? We may not be shielding ourselves from a harm which can be prevented. So there is surely a need for us to remain alert all the time. You may be wondering as to how one can be perpetually alert. Unfortunately we exercise due caution in the worldly matters, but amazingly when it comes to the life hereafter we relax and ignore. Just consider this analogy. A person told not to take poison; replies that how can he avoid it all the time? Can he be told to take it and face the consequences? Similarly can a person be considered sane who insists to walk in center of a road? No sane person will ever attempt such misadventures as it can cause harm. Basically any loss is a result of negligence and carelessness. An accident happens when a person is deeply lost in thoughts and cannot react in time. No later regret can compensate for the loss. Here I am reminded of an incident. After my matriculation, I was pillion riding a bicycle with my cousin. A horse cart moving on its side of the road suddenly bumped into us. While my cousin managed to jump away; I fell down with the bike and broke my arm. Later we were regretting as to why we did not alight beforehand etc or do something else. The damaged was done and no hind side wisdom could have averted it.

In the life herein one is always under a test and scrutiny. Eve gazing is a taboo; so one is expected to keep his eyes lowered. Failing to keep them low can turn into a habit and bring harm .Those advising us to do so are simply shrugged off on the plea of our inability to do so. It must be avoided like an accident. One has to guard himself in the same way we take precautions against being hit by a vehicle while moving on the road side. We have to take deliberate steps to ensure that no such act is performed which can harm our life hereafter. One must be cognizant that a loss here apparently how so sever is nothing in comparison what one shall have to undergo in the life hereafter. Actually it is human nature to fall for what is visible and early; ignoring what will happen later. Benevolence of the live hereafter is far more rewarding and greater being permanent. We unfortunately out of sheer negligence lose benefits of the life hereafter for trivial worldly gains. All of us must continuously strive to seek goodness and remain scared of the life hereafter. This should become our singular thought. Let’s take an example of a factory work who puts in his best effort with hard work to please his bosses in order to earn a bonus. There is a likely hood of all the good deeds being missed or ignored and only a mistake getting projected and resulting in a loss or censure. Alternatively it is also possible that his wrong doings may be credited as positive acts and he may be rewarded. There is nothing of this sort possible before Allah Almighty. Total justice will be done and every deed shall be accounted for, nothing being missed.

فَمَنْ یَّعْمَلْ مِثْقَالَ ذَرَّۃٍ خَیْرًا یَّرَہْ ۝ وَمَنْ یَّعمَلْ مِثْقَالَ ذَرَۃٍ شَرَّا یَّرَہْ ۝

(So, whoever does any good act (even) to the weight of a particle will see it. And whoever does evil (even) to the weight of a particle will see it.) Al Zalzal 7 – 8

This is an open declaration by Allah Almighty that all good and bad deeds are being observed and these shall be scrutinized without any chance of an error. The only allowance permitted by Allah Almighty is to repent for our sins and seek His forgiveness. Sins of a life time can be forgiven through genuine repentance. It can be sought after offering two Rakkah of prayers and beseeching Allah Almighty for forgiveness with a sense of regret and firm resolve to avoid repetition in future. If rights of a person have been usurped, then one has to obtain his/her forgiveness as well. All those acts of worship like payers, fasting etc where redoing them is permissible after their omission at the appointed time (qaza) shall also have to be performed. The time allowed for is till the time of process of death begins. This is an opportunity provided by Allah Almighty to all of us to return to Him.

لاتقنطو من رحمتہ اللہ ان اللہ یغفر الذنوب جمیعًا

(O my Servants who have transgressed against their souls! Despair not of the Mercy of Allah: for Allah forgives all sins: for He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.) Az Zumar, 53

One must never feel dejected or disappointed; for Allah Almighty can forgive all sins. A hadith describes that sins even equaling the foam from all the oceans; can be forgiven with true repentance. No sin is bigger than the benevolence of Allah Almighty. Anyone who thinks so is committing another mistake. Regret and repentance are accepted by our Lord Allah Almighty. While retaining the authority to forgive Allah Almighty has allowed us to seek it. Suppose I owe five hundred million rupees to someone; he has the option to condone it partially or wholly or even give me another fifty million. No one can question him as the money belongs to him. Similarly Allah Almighty has the total authority to forgive any amount of our sins, if He so desires.

Once one of our directors, a colonel, who was my boss for forty days got into an argument with me. He asked me that, can an obligation owed to someone else; be forgiven or pardoned. On my replying that it can be done if Allah Almighty so desires. He said that but it is not done so usually. I asked him that how can he be so sure about it. I did concede that forgiveness from the concerned has to be sought as well. However Allah Almighty being happy with a person if desires to pardon him, He will offer paradise to the affected person; giving him an option to take it for withdrawing his rights. Who will not agree to such a deal? The Colonel retorted that it means that Allah Almighty has a veto power. I replied in affirmative that He has all the power and can do anything that He desires with no hold bars. A person can be penalized for even a minor offence, yet it is right; because of the Divine authority. Blessings of Allah Almighty are not obligatory.

The Divine laws have been framed with a purpose. Laws of goodness and evil, laws of rights of Allah Almighty, rights of the human beings, obligatory rituals and mandatory, sharia bound sunnah cannot be ignored. However never allow despair to set in and be disappointed. It is good to stick to these laws and never attempt to by pass them. Do refrain from rigidity in their implementation. The laws cannot be above the Law Maker. Lord the Allah Almighty is the sole authority and can do anything that He so chooses to do. Allah Almighty says in the Quran:-

فَمَنْ یَّعْمَلْ مِثْقَالَ ذَرَّۃٍ خَیْرًا یَّرَہْ ۝ وَمَنْ یَّعمَلْ مِثْقَالَ ذَرَۃٍ شَرَّا یَّرَہْ ۝

(So, whoever does any good act (even) to the weight of a particle will see it. And whoever does evil (even) to the weight of a particle will see it.) Al Zalzal 7 – 8

We should hold ourselves responsible for all our actions, while hoping to be blessed by Allah Almighty who is all out to reward us being magnanimous, benevolent and merciful. Our endeavour should be to continually beg Allah Almighty for his benevolence. Some acts are to be performed, while there are some that have to be avoided and some that have to be borne e.g. an ailment or distress. What can be done in distress? One option is to quietly bear it without a response and other is to raise a lot of hue and cry. The best is to reconcile; thinking that much less has befallen than what was deserved. Consider the example of this person who is well versed in law. He has violated a traffic signal. Knowing fully well that fine for the offence is Rs.500, when let off with a meager fine of fifty rupees by the judge, he surely understands that a much less and lenient punished was awarded than deserved. A man told another person that he will be hit at a point that words of thanks will be uttered. Though a bit surprised with this logic, when the other hit on his forehead with a ball, he exclaimed words of thanks that his eye was saved. There are very few people who thank Allah Almighty when in trouble. It only possible when one is humble and down to earth with qualities of forbearance and humility. Hazrat Younis AS (Jonah) was eaten up by a fish for a divinely designed error; as prophets cannot commit willful mistakes. Having prayed for and forecast the wrath of Allah Almighty to city of Nineveh; he departed his people assuming that he had been allowed to leave the city. Actually he had not been allowed by Allah Almighty to depart. It was an error of judgment. When he was aboard a boat a cyclone struck. The sailors attributed it to the presence of a slave; who fleeing his master. So they decided to throw him into the sea. Lots were drawn and every time name of Hazrat Younis AS appeared. So when thrown into the sea, he was gulped by a giant fish. There in the belly of the fish he repeatedly recited the verse:-

لا الہ الاانت سبحانک انی کنت من الظالمین

(There is no Allah save Thee. Be Thou Glorified! Lo! I have been a wrong-doer.)

This verse is commonly known as ’Ayat e Karima’. Being the words of repentance of a prophet, these are very effective to beseech forgiveness of Allah Almighty. Some people ascribe it to be hot in effect. This is utter nonsense and absurd. How can words of repentance be hot or cold? It is sheer ignorance and a fallacy which is totally erroneous.

Today someone called to tell me that that with the forty day zikr, his hands and feet got swollen. I told to take a trip to the Central Hospital and inquire from every patient the zikr that had caused his/her ailment. The Devil has his strange ways of befooling and leading us astray. No one ever attributes sickness to his own sins.

انا للہ و انا الیہ راجعون

It is our worldly sins that bring us much harm in the shape of diseases and worries. The Devil precludes any such realization through deceit and alluring ploys. A person who hardly ever prayed was brought to a mosque. On return he discovered that his oxen had fallen ill. So the man started complaining that,” Didn’t I say that praying does not suit me”. Now what would you call such a person? There are numerous people with such wanton beliefs.

So I asked the person with the swollen hands and feet that how can someone fall sick by praising Allah Almighty by repeating:-

، سبحان اللہ ، والحمد اللہ ، لاالہ اللہ واللہ اکبر

I advised him to beg for Allah’s mercy by offering ‘Salat eTauba’ and also ask those who misguided him to repent.

I was narrating the episode of Hazrat Younis (AS). Allah Almighty accepted his repentance and ordered the fish to spill him out. A plant was grown to protect his fragile skin. He gained strength and soon was well enough to return to his people who had also been forgiven because of their collective cries for mercy.

Look at what most of us do despite being fully soaked in sins. Posing ignorance we innocently ask as to what was our fault to deserve trouble and grief, despite every misdeed being known. A sin is like a venomous poison. Taking it every day, we still ask as to what has happened? Allah Almighty has proclaimed that He pardons most of the sins but sometime when gripped by Him, people yell and scream. There are three types of people. One is those who bear hardships quietly and exercise patience. Second type expresses their gratitude even under duress. Lastly are those who yell and scream. They are punished not only here but shall continue to be punished in the hereafter as well. Grief and distress compensates for the sins of those who exercise patience. It is said that a day spent in involuntarily grief is better than arduous worship of many months. Those voluntary deeds being offering late night prayer (tahajud), charity for a religious cause and other strenuous voluntary worships. Rather than brooding over a trouble, always think of the rewards that it brings along. Prayer for fever is:-

ہے لابأس،طہور اًانشاءاللہ

   One in fever is being cleansed by Allah Almighty.
          Every suffering washes off the sins by the grace of Allah Almighty.

Once someone told the Holy Prophet SAW that he loved him,the Prophet SAW did not reply. When he had said it thrice, the Prophet SAW replied that he should now be prepared for ordeals as he (SAW) had suffered the most in his life and then those nearer to him (SAW).

In the holy month of Muharam, recall who suffered the most? They were the best of the best of the universe. Just visualize their stature and status before Allah Almighty, the Prophet SAW and amongst the pious people. They were put through the ultimate grief and pain for what fault? It was only their refusal to accept a wrong thing and authenticate the caliphate of Yazid. They considered it as a moral obligation and duty. The easier course for them was to come to terms but they chose the difficult option and sacrificed their lives for the glory of Islam. Now a day’s most of us succumbing to temptations prefer the easier path. Here I am reminded of the anecdote of famous Liala. She would send milk for Majnun which was drunk by an imposter enroute. Suspecting a problem, one day Liala told her maid servant to ask Majnun to fill the empty bowl with his blood. The fake Majnun after drinking milk pointed towards the real one for the blood. Most of the people today play role of the fake Majnun and just wait for the milk. Hazrat Imam Hussain (RH) shouldered a great responsibility. May Allah Almighty elevate his status. Amen

       شاہ ہست حسین بادشاہ ہست حسین
دین ہست حسین دین پناہ ہست حسین
       سر داد نہ داد دست در دست یزید
حقّا کہ بنائے لا الہ الااﷲ ہست حسین

He accepted to be beheaded but did not give in to the wrong demands of Yazid. He had been advised to abandon his journey; which he refused saying that he had dreamt about going to Kaufa. On reaching Karbala, he called his companions; after extinguishing all lights, gave them an option to anyone who wanted to return. No one left, all of them chose to stay on. They all embraced shahadat ultimately and offered the supreme sacrifice. Do you know what happened to the tormentors of Hazrat Imam Hussain RH? Yazid died after two and half years while his troops were hurling stones at the Holy Kabba. Abdullah Bin Zubair (RH) somehow learnt about his death and declared it to the invading contingent. Yazid’s son refused to accept the caliphate. Mukhtar Saqfi brutally killed everyone involved in the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (RH). Dogs were let lose at body of Shimmer after he was mercilessly slain. Legs of Omaro bin said were tied to two horses which were made to run in opposite direction to rip him apart. None of them died a natural death. An old man is reported to have boasted that the despite being amongst the murderers, nothing abnormal had happened to him. Once he returned home, he observed the candle light flickering. When he blew into it to put it right, a sparkle of fire caught his beard and he was burnt to ashes. It was a Divine punishment. Now let’s make a comparison. Whereas Hazrat Imam Hussain RH was elevated to be leader of the youth in the Heavens, his tormentors were mercilessly wasted. That is why it is said that a grief should be taken as a test from Allah Almighty.

واستعینوا بالصبر وا لصلواۃ

Seek help through patience and prayer. Al Baqra 45

ان اﷲ مع الصٰبرین

Surely, Allah is with those who are patient. Al Baqra 153

ولاتقولوا لمن یقتل فی سبیل اللہ اموات، بل احیاء ولٰکن لاتشعرون

And call not those who are slain in the way of Allah "dead." Nay, they are living, only ye perceive not. Al Baqra, 154

ولَنَبْلُوَنَّکُمْ بِشَیئٍ مِنَ الْخَوفِ وَ الْجُوعِ وَنَقْصٍ مِنَ الَامْوَالِ وَالَانْفُسِ وَالثَّمَرٰتِ

Surely We will test you with a bit of fear and hunger, and loss in wealth and lives and fruits, and give good tidings to the patient Al Baqara, 155

و بشر الصٰبرین الذین اذا اصابتھم مصیبۃ

but give glad tidings to the steadfast, Who, when afflicted with calamity, Al Barqa, 155 - 156

قالو اناللہ وا نا الیہ راجعون

Who say: when afflicted with calamity say To Allah we belong and to Him is our return. AlBaqara 156

او لٰئک علیھم صلوٰت من ربھم و رحمۃ و اولئک ہم المھتدون

Those are the ones upon whom there are blessings from their Lord, and mercy as well; and those are the ones who are on the right path. Al Barqa 157

These Suras amply prove that the people mentioned therein are truly the successful lot. They are the guided ones. So it proves that any form of distress is a source of Allah Almighty’s blessings. Our saints always regarded hunger as a blessing ascribing it as a guest of Allah Almighty. Once Hazrat Rashid Ahmad Gangovi (RA) stayed at the residence of a hakim (Doctor of herbal medicines) who had no eatables to offer. Explaining his plight, the hakim Sahib sought permission to request some follower to arrange a meal. Hazrat Gangovi (RA) forbid him to do so telling him that being a guest he was happy to starvate with his host. Allah Almighty always rewards according to one’s intentions. Mean while some one knocked at the door. A person who had owed money to Hakim Sahib had come to return it. Smiling he came in and explained the situation. Later he prepared a sumptuous meal for his guest.

To bear sufferings is of course a great virtue, but no one should deliberately put himself into trouble. Accept it and bear it when ordained from Allah Almighty.

Our Holy Prophet SAW was offered that if he desired the hill of Uhad could be turned into gold. He (SAW) declined it, saying that He (SAW) liked the way it was to thank Allah Almighty by eating sometime and exercise patience by going hungry the other time. Those were the chosen ones who cannot be emulated by the ordinary people in totality. We must cry and beg Allah Almighty to keep us in peace and tranquility and not to test us through distress. Still if comes, then we must face it willing as destiny and will of Allah Almighty. Make yourself equal to face it. Do pray to Allah Almighty to make it easy to endure.

Hazrat Baha ud Din Zakria Multani (RA) wrote a letter to the King against the ruler of Multan Nasir ud Din Qabacha which was intercepted enroute. Hazrat Baha ud Din Zakria Multani (RA) along with his accomplice, a Qazi were produced before the ruler. The qazi when shown the letter could not explain it sufficiently and was beheaded.

Then Hazrat Zakria Multani RA was asked to justify writing of the letter. He flew into a rage and told the ruler that he had written it on the explicit orders of Allah Almighty. He warned the ruler that he could bring no harm to him and challenged him to try it if he still desired. On hearing this Nasir ud Din Qabacha was over awed and begged for forgiveness. After publically praying for the departed soul of his friend Qazi Sahib Hazrat Zakria RA left the court.

Remember to beseech safety and peace from Allah Almighty but never complain if a calamity befalls.

Now a day’s Muslims everywhere are in the grip of sorrow and sufferings, which are increasing every passing day. There was not much to worry had it only been fatal but what is alarming is that our very faith and beliefs are being threatened. It looks that time of Dajjal’s appearance is very near. It is said that he will come with both pleasure and punishment namely heavens and hell; but both opposite in effects and reward. His hell will be actually a door to the Heavens and pleasures of his so called paradise shall lead one to the Hell. Dajjal will posses many evil powers. He will cause rain to pour. Kill and make people alive again. Be warned not to get impressed with these tricks and gimmicks. Only the true faith of Islam brought by our Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW be pursued and practiced. Without his (SAW) love nothing is complete that being the essence of our faith. Only those can proclaim his (SAW) love, who follows his (SAW) Sharia. Our quest must always lead us to those who truly love the Prophet (SAW) so that we can become real follower of Islam so that our inner self can also get reformed. May Allah Almighty bless us with the truth. Amen.

وآخر دعوانا ان الحمد ﷲ رب العالمین